Freeman Technology Suite

The Freeman Technology Suite is an integrated platform of interactive tools which simplifies the event planning process
and enhances the on-site experience for Exhibitors, Show Organizers, Event Planners and Meeting Managers.

All the resources you need, in one place.

Each tool within the suite is designed to promote communication and collaboration and provide quick access to important
event-related information.

The Freeman Technology Suite is comprised of six tools. Click for more information on each tool:



Streamlines the event design review and approval process

Provides an easy way to order show services online and access vital information

Provides enhanced support to the Exhibitors of our Show Management Partners.

Facilitates sponsorship sales and allows users to perform online site visits

Integrates the management of exhibit programs, properties and services

Freeman offers a broad range of the most up-to-date AV digital services - to help you stay relevant and deliver an impactful message to your audience