Browse our assortment of chairs and stools from classic designs to modern selections that will fit a variety of exhibit looks.

Turn the tables in your favor! Bring professionalism to your booth or exhibit area with our assortment of tables.

A range of colors, styles, heights and finishes are available to create a one-of-a-kind area for your clients.

Sit back and relax take your exhibit to the next level with our sleek selection of sofas and loveseats.

All-inclusive pricing covers delivery, installation and material handling with no hidden fees.

An assortment of garment racks, wall mounted garment rods, and literature racks.

Find your office furniture essentials here! An assortment of meeting tables, desks, file cabinets and bookcases.

Easily display your items with our selection of Endcaps and Gondolas. Single and Double Sided units with sleek finishes.

A variety of display cases, cabinets for storage, and jewelry showcases. Some cabinets offer a little more security with a lockable option.

Browse our various draped table sizes.

*3ft and 4ft draped tables are covered on all 4 sides.
*6ft and 8ft draped tables are covered on 3 sides. (Drapery for the 4th side is available for ordering)

Place our risers on top of your table or counter tops to provide an elevated way to display your products.

A variety of ways to display your messages or collateral.

Complete your exhibit space with all the little details! From ottomans creating informal seating to display cubes and cylinders to showcase your marketing materials.

Create a home away from home with our chic lamps and keep your beverages cool with our full-sized and mini refrigerators.

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