Audio Visual

Thank you for choosing Freeman! Let us help you plan for your Event Technology needs.

Our Audio Visual Flat Screen Packages will enhance your booth with all the equipment needed to present impactful videos, display content, and draw attention to your brand.

Our Flat Screen Displays allow for a simple solution when needing to display content from your personal display source. Mount the monitor on the wall or a monitor stand, or keep it table-top to work with your needs.

Our computers, tablets and laptops provide you with the means to safely display or capture audience feedback, without the worry of your personal files or devices being accessible on the show floor.

Our Video Players range from Blu-ray DVD to media players, which allows for a simple way to display your content. Video Players can be easily connected to our monitors and gives you the ability to display elements that will show off your brand.

Our Audio Equipment gives you the ability to not just share your audio content, but can be paired with microphones to give presentations and let your audience hear what your brand has to share.

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Event Technology audio visual orders will incur a Handling Charge of 28% ($143 minimum) of the Equipment Subtotal for delivery, install, and dismantle. State Sales and Rental Taxes will be applied if applicable. Payment for Event Technology services (equipment, handling and tax) are due in advance of move-in. Electrical and Internet Services are not included in equipment pricing.

Contact us - by email: EventTechServices@freeman.com -or- by phone: (800) 868-6886

CANCELLATION POLICY: Any Cancellations must be received within 7 days of show open to avoid being charged a one day's rental rate. Cancellations after delivery will result in a day's charge and labor incurred.

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