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Frequently Asked Questions - Shipping

1. What is Standard Ground shipping?

Standard Ground shipping handles freight shipments ranging from 1 lb to 3,000 lbs. When the item you need shipped or transported weighs more than 3,000 lbs other service may be more suitable and more economically competitive. Our Freight specialists are qualified and ready to provide those options that are best suited for your unique requirements.

2. Do I have to call other transportation providers for air or expedited services or can Freeman handle all my requirements?

Freeman is a single-source provider and can accommodate all of your shipping needs, whether domestic or international. It is not necessary to contact other transportation options for air or international services.

3. How should I package my items?

Please make sure that all items being shipped are properly and securely packaged to prevent damage. All freight should be packaged, crated, or stacked and secured onto pallets with banding, shrink-wrap, or breakaway adhesive. Labels should be placed on every freight piece. Improper packaging may decrease or nullify the carrier's liability for damage claims or loss. (see addendum on packaging)

4. Can I estimate the weight of my shipment?

It is important to determine the most accurate weight for the freight items you are shipping. Your shipping quote will be based on the weight that you provide. Your shipment will be reweighed by Freeman using certified weight scales and the rate will be adjusted based on the actual weight. If the weight you initially provide is accurate, the quote you receive will be the actual shipping cost reflected, providing no other unknown shipping requirements are determined.

5. What is a Bill of Lading (BOL)? How important is using Freeman's paperwork?

Freeman has arranged competitive all-inclusive shipping rates because of the volume of shipments we process through our transportation providers. If our BOL and paperwork is modified or not used, you could jeopardize the opportunity to receive our most competitive and negotiated shipping rates. Please ensure you only utilize the shipping documentation provided by Freeman. In addition, this documentation must be given to the driver of the transportation company making your pickup. Again, not using our paperwork could result in more hassles and unexpected shipping costs.

6. Is there a fee for residential services?

Yes, there are residential delivery fees that apply to freight shipping which are primarily assessed on pickups provided at non-commercial locations. This includes apartments, residences, farms, estates, remote locations, and possibly schools and churches. The cost to ship can also change when delivering to a limited-access location (i.e. construction sites, military bases, camps, and storage-unit facilities). Be sure to ask your Freeman customer service representative if you are unsure if your location would fall into one of the above categories.

7. How far in advance do I need to schedule a pickup?

Depending on the time of scheduling and your corresponding time zone, we will attempt to arrange for same-day pickup. It is recommended to always speak to a representative at the Freeman Customer Service Center for special arrangements and urgent scheduling. Please allow a 4-hour window of time for freight pickup, and note that most shipping companies make pickups in the afternoon, and reserve the mornings for making freight deliveries.

8. Do I need to be present at time of pickup?

Someone should be onsite at time of pickup that is authorized to administer the Freeman documentation, and tender the shipment to the transportation company. If the driver arrives at the pickup location and either the freight is not ready or there is no one available to sign the BOL, they will not normally wait. The pickup must then be re-dispatched, which could include a re-delivery fee in order to cover the extra time and miles.

9. Are transit times guaranteed? How are claims handled?

If your freight arrives and is either damaged or missing pieces, it is important to document the exceptions on the transportation provider's delivery receipt so that the issues are accurately and timely documented for claim resolution. A claim must be filed as quickly as possible and within 15 days of receipt. The best option is to contact the Freeman Transportation® service center at 800-995-3579. The customer service agent can provide all necessary documentation and assist in the claims process.

10. Who will actually transport my shipment?

Freeman tenders your shipment through a qualified carrier network that is selected based on experience and reliability in transporting exhibit materials. Our network consists of a small dedicated carrier group as opposed to most transportation brokers working through hundreds or even thousands of carriers. The driver of the selected carrier will identify themselves as picking up on behalf of Freeman.

11. Are your rates final and certain?

Your shipping quote is based on the information provided to our Freeman customer service center at the time of booking. Any change or difference in the weight, size, or location, can result in a change in final shipping costs. To ensure that your shipping rates stay in line as originally quoted, be sure that you provide the Freeman service center with the most accurate weight and description of your shipment.

12. What happens if I receive a bill directly from the carrier?

Contact our customer service department at 1-800-995-3579 so that we can contact the carrier to void their additional billing. This usually occurs when Freeman's BOL is not used at the time of pickup.

13. I'm in business and my needs are more specialized. Why should I use Freeman?

Freeman's Freeman Transportation® program was designed to provide exclusive attention and execution on tradeshow and event shipping. Our entire infrastructure of personnel and transportation providers are dedicated entirely to this market segment, and therefore the expertise and service provided is developed to meet each and every shipping requirement in the industry. We provide a high level of hands on management from the time of pickup to the time it arrives at your booth space. The same level of oversight is provided on the return. We truly understand the requirements and nuances associated with shipping into and out of Freeman shows.